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About STAR WARS Millennium Falcon

1.  Price of Millennium Falcon Weekly Magazine

The first issue comes with a promo price of MYR 12.90 (incl. 6% GST).

Subsequent issues at MYR 58.20 (incl. 6% GST) each.

*Note: With effect from 1st January 2018, all magazines will no longer be subjected to 6% GST. Magazines will be classified as zero-rated goods. Thus for customer who wants to subscribe, the price of STAR WARS Millennium Falcon from issue #5 onward will not be imposed with 6% GST during checkout stage as the magazines will only be available and fulfil after 1st Jan 2018. Please take note.


2.  How many issues are there in this series?

There are a total of 100 issues. In order to assemble the spaceship completely, collectors are required to collect until issue 100. The STAR WARS Millennium Falcon magazine is a weekly publication and the first issue will be on sale for two (2) weeks from 28th November 2017 and thereafter, the magazine will be available every week.


3.  Where can we buy STAR WARS Millennium Falcon magazine?

Product is made available via major chain bookstores like Borders, Kinokuniya, MPH, Popular & Times, selected convenience stores such as myNews as well as selected supermarkets like Cold Storage, Jaya Grocer, Jasons Food Hall and Mercato. Moreover, if you wish to subscribe to STAR WARS Millennium Falcon or make single purchase, you can also do so via website to enjoy the special discount online deal.

Do look out for promotion deals on our website!


4.  How do I make payment for STAR WARS Millennium Falcon magazine via

Select the STAR WARS Millennium Falcon issue (of your choice) from our website and you can make payment immediately via our shopping cart.


5.  How can I buy the complete STAR WARS Millennium Falcon without the magazines?

We regret to inform you that STAR WARS Millennium Falcon is not sold as a complete spaceship, but as a volume of magazine issues available in parts.


6.  Where can I find assembly instructions?

Every issue comes with detailed pictorial instructions to assist you with your assembly. As the magazine content is in Chinese, readers can also visit this website for the assemble guideline in English.


7.  Is there any service provided for STAR WARS Millennium Falcon to be assembled if I am not able to build it up myself?

We regret to inform you that we do not offer this kind of service. We encourage you to assemble spaceship with the pictorial instructions in each issue given.


8.  Am I entitled to get the *FREE Darth Vader figurine when I collect the magazine?

The Darth Vader figurine can be redeemed after you have completed the coupon sheet (attached in issue 1) with coupons 1-25 from your existing STAR WARS Millennium Falcon Weekly Magazines. Follow the redemption instruction guideline on the redemption sheet in issue 1.


9.  Do I need to bear additional shipping costs?

We provide FREE shipping for all STAR WARS Millennium Falcon Weekly Magazine subscribers who subscribe or purchase a minimum of 10 copies. This only applies to West Malaysia locations. Please note that delivery charges apply for *East Malaysia addresses. P.O.Box addresses will not be delivered to your doorstep and you would need to collect your goods from the Pos Laju centre (applies to both West and East Malaysia). For further enquiries, call us at: 03-5638 2208 (Mondays to Fridays, 9AM – 5.45PM). For single purchases, customer will need to bear the shipping cost/delivery charge incurred unless otherwise stated.


10.  When will the magazine be delivered?

STAR WARS Millennium Falcon Weekly Magazines are delivered to your doorstep by our courier agent, Pos Laju or by our Pansing drivers, depending on your locality. If you are a subscriber, we would advice you on our *delivery schedule via email or phone call. We seek your understanding to expect a slight delay in delivery due to fulfilment, if there's any.


11.  Am I eligible for a discount if I complete payment of all 100 issues up front?

Yes, you are eligible.


12.  If I missed out certain issues of STAR WARS Millennium Falcon Weekly Magazine, can I still purchase the back dated issues?

Yes you can. Purchases can be made online via and you can select the issues which you would like to purchase. Otherwise, you can always contact us at or call us at 03-5638 2208 (Mon-Fri ; 9am - 5.45pm) to check the stock availability of the issue which you would like to purchase.